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Character Info Page




Page 1: Our Heroes

Page 2: Team Rocket! and Other Characters

Welcome to my character page!

Here you will find Character descriptions of all major characters in the Anime, plus some of my favorite other characters!

If you disagree with anything here let me know I'll post your opinion. send them to

Have Fun!


Page 1 main characters A.K.A Team Twerp!


Age: ooo fun! ok there are many different ages to choose from here are all of them , with reasons why they are and why not as well as what I think

10- Nintendo says she's 10 many people disagree. she is older then ten

12-13 this is a good age, if you think that time is not passing in Pokemon world but it is so wrong. the show has been on for almost 3 years now ( October November 1998-July 2001) so she is older now

14-15 people say she's way to hot to be less than that . She is hit on by people in the show and she seems a good maturity for 14-15. this is a good age to believe in most people thing she was 13 to start with and now she is 16.

17- 18 wow I wish! But she simply isn't drawn to look that age she is a bit younger than that I believe

now I say she is 14-15 but almost even 16 ok agreed? good

Who is misty? Misty is a cute girl from Cerulean City. She loves water Pokemon and water in general! She has three sisters. Nothing is known about her parents, some say they are dead but there is no proof to say otherwise or to even prove truth. she left Cerulean to become a Pokemon trainer and about a year later met up with aspiring Pokemon trainer Ash/Satoshi.

Misty is A kind , but short tempered , girl who almost always is willing to help out someone in need.

Want to add more to this email me! The address is at the top of the page if I thinks its good I'll add it.


Age : not highly disputed at 15 ( 13 at the start although the characters haven't aged much)

Brock want to be a Pokemon breeder . He want to learn everything there is about taking care of Pokemon and making sure they are healthy

He met Trainer Ash while he was a gym leader in Pewter city, he trains rock Pokemon but he doesn't care weather they are stronger than others.

Brock's Father left to become a Pokemon trainer, soon after his mother died and Brock was left to take care of his brothers and sisters by himself. His Father returned allowing Brock to leave with ash, in hopes of learning more about taking care of Pokemon.

Brock does all the cooking and cleaning for the group and they appreciate him for it. Brock is a good friend to Ash and Misty and is always there to help

He left the group at the start of the Orange Islands Series but returned after it, to join up with professor Ivy a Pokemon researcher.

Ash ketchum/Satoshi

Age: 10 in the beginning about 13 now.

Ash wants to be the Number On Pokemon Master. Its that simple. ash is the main character and the whole series revolves around him. The first friend he met was Misty, who at the time Hated him. Now misty is good friends with ash and she has stopped nagging him about her bike. Ash then went on and met Brock, The pewter city gym leader. They are good friends as well. Ashes first Pokemon was Pikachu who at the time hated ash as well but after ash helps save Pikachu's life Pikachu was good to his trainer and now he is a closer friend to ash then any human character. Ash Went on to capture many Pokemon and giving them up along the way. He place 16th in the Pokemon league tournament and he beat the orange league champion, putting him in the hall of fame in the orange islands. Now Ash in on a journey through Johto, an new land off to the west over the mountains. There different Pokemon exist and harder trainers. We will soon find out what more ash and his friends will have to deal with. Ash is alos a little dim whited , but has a true understanding of Pokemon and of moral beliefs. Ash is a very good person nonetheless.


Tracy Sketchit!/ Kenji


 Age : 14-15

Tracy is a Pokemon watcher. studies Pokemon in the wild and tries to draw them. Sounds like Todd/Snap. Ash And Misty me Tracy In the beginning of Orange island season. Tracy is very observant but other than that he doesn't seem to be as informative or knowlageable as Brock is...

Tracy is there to help and also to guide Ash and Misty through the Islands. He likes drawing Pokemon and also women, particularly Jenny and Joy.


Well That's it for team twerp! if you think there needs to be something added tell me ok. The address is at the top of the page