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May 20th 2003: Hello all, slight updates coming soon, but right now I'm just adding a banner. If you have ever seen the series "Dual!" you must follow the banner, If you haven't seen it then please do. "Dual!" as you may or may not know is a series about a boy named Kasuki who travels to a parallel world where he can pilot and battle large robots. The show has great characters and at times is very funny or very dramatic. It is a wonderful series that only lasted 14 episodes. Everyone should go and find it and see for yourself how wonderful it is.

July 19th: in light of yesterday's news I have launched a poll section! Go and vote about what you think about Misty's absence from season 6. I hope the poll works! ^_^

July 18th: Well, I was going to wait until my next big update to post some news, but this news can not wait! The 6th Pokemon season has been announced in Japan, It will have a bunch of new Advance Pokemon, be in a new area, Ash and Brock will have brand spanking new kewl looking clothes, a new female character Kimi, but unfortunately for everyone Kimi is Either permanently or temporarily replacing MISTY! HOW COULD THIS BE? Will misty ever come back? Will this site ever have any new pictures? Will this site continue to hail misty as its queen? The answers respectively: HOPEFULLY, I DON'T KNOW, and FOR SURE! Never fear, Misty RULES and MISTYMANIA 4EVER!

JUNE 20th: WOW its been a long time! But I'm Happy to announce that now that school is over I will be working on this site. I'm Trying to find people I can work with to get pictures , news or anything else interesting! If you are interested in helping out or if you know someone that can Email me and Also I'm happy to say that I'm starting to catch up on all the episodes I missed this season. I've add some links to my linking section, sites full of great pictures that they dont want me to take so just visit them to fine all kinds of great Misty pictures! Have fun and visit the forum! I hope to write soon! See ya


April 3rd: I'm starting to fix my picture pages, so that they will load a bit faster, and fix my bandwidth problem with tripod. I dont think the site can support more then 1 person visiting my pictures a day ^_^! YTV unexpectedly stopped showing new episodes. That's it this week! See ya! >_< wab!

March 23rd: WOW its been a long time since I have posted! Here is what's happening: For me I have been able to see a lot more new Pokemon episodes! That's a good thing ^_^. The 5th Pokemon movies is in the news now, with new Pokemon Advance, Pokemon. is back up,its one of the BEST POKEMON SITES AROUND now! Head over to the forums there ( to find me search for Mistymaniac). That's it for now, see ya!

Jan 22nd: I have a New linking button! Want to link to my page? Go to the linking page!

Jan 11th: I have a New Title Picture for Misty Mania ! And I added a Links and Linking page. I got to network my self! ^_^ HA HA Internet Joke there! enjoy! So if you want to link to this site or want me to link to you just visit that page!

Jan: 9th 2002: Hello everyone. well its a sad time for me and my Pokemon buddies. I haven't seen a new Pokemon in months (because of YTV) and haven't been watching the repeats!. I need a serious Dose of Misty , Pikachu and Team Rocket goodness, right about now or else I might loose my love for the best show on Daytime T.V! Well either then that, there are no updates, wishing everyone a happy New Year. The 4th Pokemon movie should be released to us this year, we hope @_@ ! That will be good.

Dec 4th: Hello everybody! Well the episode commentaries aren't ready yet but here is what's new. I did some cleaning up. Mostly all pages have been picked off the shelves and dusted. I added one or 2 pics here and there. There are more Duplica pics (and even more to come!) And soon to come, Character Info Page 2 : Team Rocket and Other.

Also Me and my Buddy over at UPA have had to postpone our work on the new super site until he gets a modem. ^_^ when the super site finally is up I will be working there allot but I WONT BE ignoring this site, its still mine and it will never close down. MISTY MANIA 4 EVER

So in closing I would like to thank you all for coming over. And join the forum! It will be fun. Looking forward to talking with my readers.

Dec 3rd: wow sorry guys it seems I skipped right over November! well ok I have to try to remember all the episodes I've seen in the past month and a bit. So I'll have them up later Right now YTV has ran out of episodes so we are all waiting for new ones.

Other Pokemon news is that the Pokemon center in New York has opened up and it seems amazing. I hope I get a chance to visit sometime. The Episode Mewtwo's return will be released to video. It seems WB is trying to pass it off as a movie sequel, that's straight to video. (now why would they ever want to do that? I can think of one thing only. $_$ !) Super Smash Brothers Melee is released today for the Gamecube. I bet everyone will have that game by Christmas or at least the end of the year.


October 27: Tracy Pics are up! enjoy!

October 26th: HEY here is some news! first off, coming soon: Tracy sketchit pic page! Finally our favorite Pokemon watcher is going to have his own pic page!

I saw 2 new Pokemon episodes: Beauty and the Breeder. Sadly vulpuix leaves without a teary good-bye. Brock meets Suzy and gives Vulpix back, but he finds out that Suzy thinks he is a great Pokemon breeder, even better then herself. This episode has James looking very snazzy, real "hip" unfortunately Jessie looked like a fool but James was smashing! ^_^ I give this episode an 8 of 10

Next is the shuckle episode. one word @_@ ok! well all the Pokemon try to umm..kiss team rocket and some of it looks really nasty. the episode seemed short for some reason. I give this a 5 of ten, because on the most part it was boring.

Ok we have the next episode with GARY! Gary fights a British kid with an alakhzam and Gary uses Umbrion. Gary says that he doesn't want to battle Ash, because he knows all his moves and there is nothing he can learn. The power goes out in the town and Everyone has to go to the power plant. turns out team rocket was using all the electricity to power a giant wabouffet, which can use a counter attack. all attacks used are chucked back at our friends, ten fold!(although they say twice the amount, it look like 10 times more!) We pretty much the best part of the episode was the Giant wabouffet and the real wabouffet. as well as Gary but that's it. Still the episode gets a 7 of 10!

That's it for now, I'll see some new episodes soon , so stay tuned! Looks like I'm signing off again! WHAB! >_<

October 21st: well Hi everyone! I haven't posted here because I haven't seen any new episodes in a while, but starting Monday, I will see 5 new episodes a week, starting with the Breeding competition episode(which I haven't seen yet) so see lots of episode commentaries soon. looks like I'm signing off again! >_< wab!

October 5th: How is everyone doing? Well I have some news, first YTV will Be starting to show New Pokemon On Monday (that's Thanksgiving for Canadian Viewers ) I have Heard That they wont be Jumping and Cutting around Like WB has been doing. Also IF you can see this site, Visit the Forum! Sign Up And start Talking! Thanks. Oh and Please spread the word, need more Viewers! SEE YA >_<

October 2nd: well ok I've seen a bunch since my last post so here is my commentary, in no order what so ever!

Lets see, I saw the Ominite Episode, which was rather good I think, it had

Professor Oak in it which was cool, it also had a new professor in it who actually wasn't to dorky! Team rocket was trying to steel water in it and then the Ominite

I give this episode a 7 out of 10, it was enjoyable

Also I saw "Carrying On": Basically it was about a guy that had a bunch of Carrier Pigeons that were pidgies. It had its funny moments and some ok battles, but it was kinda boring so I give it a 6 of 10

Ok I saw The episode with Hitmontop "Three Hits and a Miss". well it was a good episode for battling, it featured a dojo which was cool and bulbasaur was in it to!(finally) But one thing stops me from giving it an 8 of 10 and that is, the annoying voice of Hitmontop. It was so crappy! I hated it! It wouldn't stop screaming "Mon top mon top mon top!!!!!!!!!" err I give this episode a 6 of 10!

Ok we have the hot springs episode I thought it was very fun. Chickorita,Totodile and cyndiquil are mad at each other and run off only to get stuck in a cave with meowth! well There is a Giant Snorlax in it yay! Also we see the return of Misty's white T-shirt from Ep 18! yay sorry no new pics. and for all the Jessie lovers out there, we see Jessie in about 8 different swimsuits! Fun Huh? ok I loved this one I give it an 8 of 10!

I saw the Zubat episode. I liked this one but there were some stupid things in it, for example, the doctor is to cheep to get reliable equipment, and she took over when the owners "moved away". ok. Other than that it was a great episode! Zubat evolves! cool! I give it 7 out of 10

and last but not least was the Seaking Catching Contest episode. One word. Mistacular! We see Misty Lure Number 4 (1 was in Safari Zone Ep 35, 2 was in Bye Bye psyduck,3 was in Totodile Duel) We see team Rocket in regular clothes through most of the episode, which is cool, both J and J sporting rather smashing sunglasses! Plus Misty gets to do some Battling! and she wins! I loved this one I give it 8 of 10!

That's it for now! >_< whab! see ya!

September 21: Sorry everyone, for not being here in a while, I have been working on other things, as well as school, lots to talk about today so listen up

The Attack that occurred on September 11th 2001, have brought sadness and depression to many people throughout the world, including myself, who lives outside of the US. I would like to send my regards to all that lost their lives and all indirect victims of the tragedy, as well as condemn the acts. Soon A group of people will be brought to justice. I pleas you don't take the law into your own hands, for you will be punishing innocent people. Thank you.

In Pokemon Anime news:

I have seen the Bug catching Contest, Sudowoodo , and Radio Tower episodes, and I must say that although they are cutting for time this season the episodes are still very good.

For the Bug Catching contest episode,I thought it was pretty good yet annoying, and bayleaf's voice was really bad. I give it a 6 out of 10

For The Sudowoodo episode , I Believed that is was a very original story. Brock was licking the Sudowoodo to calm it down. But they cut out one of the funniest parts from the Japanese version. With Wabbuffet and sudowoodo screaming back and forth. they had a bit of it but they cut out the middle chunk of the scene. I give this episode 7.5 of 10

Next is the Radio Tower episode. This is one of my favorite episodes in a long time. The Imaginary costumes and the Semi-shakespearian dialogue was great. The episode was very original and very funny. I give this one a 10 of 10.

That's it for now. If you want new pictures you will have to go to because that's the only place to find new pics that I know of, and they wont let me take their pictures. Even though I asked Nicely! How could they! ^_^ Ok

Hang in there people and don't get to discouraged, work hard and then work hard some more.

See ya next time

August 20- Hi ! New season of Pokemon has started on WB I got a friend to tape it for me and I saw " A Goldenrod. Opportunity" and "A dairy Tale ending" I must say this 2 parter was great! . The funniest thing that happened was when Pikachu got hurt Whitney Kissed him better, so Brock smashes his head on a wall hopping for a kiss! The dubbing has gotten weird. Whose that Pokemon and everything is all Jazzed up so I don't know if that is good or bad.


WB is skipping episodes. we don't know yet if they are just showing them out of order or skipping to make the series go faster(there are rumors about that lately). the next episode. About the Radio tower drama, is not going to be shown next week. I've waited a while for this episode and I hope they show it. Lets hope YTV shows them in order. No real updates this time. Check out The forum Please! sign up and have fun!

August 18 I Now have an ez board Forum! Please go there sign up and have fun! Post when ever. I hope to have a nice happy family here soon!

July 25

- I have finished Misty and Brock on character info but that's for today great. Look at them and tell me if there is any thing I missed. I know I missed allot so send it in please

- wow sorry everybody! I never got back to updating but I will be updating I just have to get started. I will start working on Characters page and hopefully that will motivate me to continue updating. now I don't know how many people visit so I might be talking to nobody. I'll tell everyone I know about the update so soon there will be more people thanks for hanging on

June 10- Sorry everybody for not updating for this long. I am have some difficulties with this site and might not update for a while

yet it has not been abandoned. I am working on some updates slowly and maybe after a while I will have more updates o.k!

The site might take a while to get back on its feet so hold on for just a bit longer. I plan to have Character info Done as a sorry gift for not updating Thank you.

May 14- Sorry about the lack of updates. I don't have much else to do at this time. as soon as I get something I'll get it up o.k. Hang in there.

--Big news I found out today that a site I got pictures from asked that if you were to take pictures to link to their site .

So being the perfect web host that I am, here you go : The Misty Gallery Thank you very much.

--updated the Waterflowers page. I found some more great pics o.k

PS If you find any good Pokemon picture that you would like to send, in send it to 

May 3 The 4 Sensational Sisters Drawing by my good friend Nico is now complete check it out in the Fanpics section.

Also welcome anyone who is visiting for the first time.

May 2 - 4 sensational sisters picture is now inked .I have it uploaded. Soon the finished drawing.

May 1. - O.K the 4 sensational sisters pic is delayed for only a while . I've updated and added a small amount of pictures here and there. Try team rocket , Misty :Hot, and Jenny in other characters 2.


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Past Updates:

April 30 - O.K. I got the next step of the 4 sensational sisters drawing, the finished pencil. And soon the finished ink and color either later tonight or tomorrow.

Check out Fan Pics in the pictures section.

April 29 I got word a couple days ago saying I have a link to my site from Jigglypuff: The First Website. Thanks to Nico the web master there for that.

BTW Nico is also the fan art leader at this web site, the star artist for Misty Mania

April 29- Coming soon : 4 Sensational sisters drawing completion. This is bound to be Nico greatest work. See the full step-by-step

and the final drawing right here! First on the net.

April 23- O.K. I invited a small group of people from the forum. I would like to welcome my (probable) First guests to the site. O.K.

Thanks to good friend Nico helping get this site up. O.K. enjoy! Visit his site the link is at the bottom of the page. OK


April 23 - I dropped the episode guide. I don't have the patience to do this any more. I'll raise the shrine to misty, the Info, and character info by the time its all done. after that, I will just update important news and extra pictures. That's it for today.

April 22 -Finished Anime screen shots part of pictures. Only thing left is drawings and Fan PICS


----First day of news. I wonder how many people actually can read this. Not many There are no links to this page anywhere and nobody knows about it but some important news

----Ditto! ^_^

---Picture section is up except for other characters. Some pictures can be viewed actual size

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